Sunday, April 29, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 23

from The Gospel of Truth:

It was as if they were sunk in sleep and found themselves in troubled dreams - either fleeing somewhere, or powerlessly pursuing others, or delivering blows in brawls, or themselves suffering blows, or falling from a high place, or sailing thru the air without wings. Sometimes it even seems as if the are being murdered although no one pursues them, or as if they themselves are murdering their neighbors since they are sullied by their blood.

Counting of the Omer - Day 22

from The Gospel of Truth:

Whoever lacks root also lacks fruit, but still he thinks to himself: 'I have become, so I shall decease - for everything that (earlier) did not (yet) exist, (later) shall no (longer) exist.' What therefore does the Father desire that such a person think about himself?: 'I have been like the shadows and the phantoms of the night!' When the dawn shines upon him, this person ascertains that the terror which had seized him was nothing. They were thus unacquainted with the Father because they did not behold him. Hence there occurred terror and turmoil and weakness and doubt and division, with many deceptions and empty fictions at work thru these.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 21

from The Gospel of Truth:

Whenever He wishes He manifests whomever He wishes, forming him and naming him. And in giving him a name, He causes him to come into being. Before they came into being, these assuredly were unacquainted with Him who fashioned them. I do not say however that those who have not yet come into being are nothings - but rather they pre-exist within Him who shall intend their becoming when He desires it, like a season yet to come. Before anyone is manifest (the Father) knows what he will bring forth. But the fruit that is not yet manifest neither recognizes nor accomplishes anything. Thus all dimensions themselves exist within the Father who exists, from whom they come forth, and who established them unto Himself from that which is not.

Counting of the Omer - Day 20

from The Gospel of Truth:

For who is the Existent One, except for the Father alone? All dimensions are His emanations, recognizing in coming forth from His heart like sons from a mature person who knows them. Each on whom the Father begets had previously received neither form nor name. Then they were formed thru His self-awareness. Although indeed that had been in His mind, they had not recognized Him. The Father however is perfectly acquainted with all the dimensions, which are within Him.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 19

from The Gospel of Truth:

Then when recognition approached with all its emanations, this was the annihilation of confusion, which was emptied into nothingness. The truth came to the midst, and all his emanations recognized and embraced the Father in truth and united with Him in a perfect power. For everyone who loves the truth attaches himself to the mouth of the Father with his tongue by receiving the Sacred Spirit. The truth is the mouth of the Father, His tongue is the Sacred Spirit joined to Him in truth. This is the revelation of the Father and His self-manifestation to His eternal ones. He has revealed His secret, explaining it all.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 18

from The Gospel of Truth:

It is like some who move jars from their proper places to unsafe places, where they are broken. And yet the master of the house suffered no loss but rather rejoiced, for those unsound jars were replaced by these which are fully perfect. This is the judgment which has come from above, like a double-edged sword drawn to cut this way and that as each one is judged.
There came to the midst the Logos, which is in the heart of those who express it. This was not a mere sound, but rather He became a body. A great disturbance occurred among the jars - for to some were emptied, others were filled, some were supplied, others were overturned, some were cleansed, others were broken. All of the spaces quaked and were agitated, having neither order nor stability. Confusion was in anguish at not discerning what to do - distressed and lamenting and shearing from understanding nothing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 17

Sorry it's so late in the day . . .

from The Gospel of Truth:

Each one shall receive himself in the unification and shall be purified from multiplicity unto unity in acquaintanceship - consuming matter in himself like a flame, darkness with light, and death with life. Since these things have thus happened to each one of us, it is appropriate that we think of the totality so that the household be holy and silent for the unity.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 16

from The Gospel of Truth:
Having replenished the deficiency, He dissolved the scheme. For the scheme is this world in which He served as a slave, and deficiency is the place of envy and quarreling. yet the place of the unity is perfect. Since deficiency occurred because the Father was not recognized, thereafter when the Father is recognized there shall be no deficiency. Just as with ignorance: when someone comes to know, the ignorance dissolves of itself - and also as darkness dissipates when the light shines - so also deficiency vanishes when perfection appears. Thus from that moment on there is no more scheme, but rather it disappears in the fusion of the unity. For now their involvements are made equal at the moment when the fusion perfects the spaces.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 15

from The Gospel of Truth:

Thus the Logos [Word] of the Father comes into the totality as the fruit of His heart and the face-form of His volition. But He supports them all, He atones them and moreover He assumes the face-form of everyone, purifying them, bringing them back - with the Father . . . Y'hshuwah of infinite kindness. The Father uncovers His bosom, which is the Sacred Spirit, revealing His secret. His secret is His Son! Thus thru compassions of the Father the eternal ones recognize Him. And they cease their toil of seeking for the Father and repose in Him, recognizing that this is the repose.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 14 . . . after sundown

from The Gospel of Truth

His wisdom meditates on the Meaning - His teaching expresses it - His acquaintance revealed it - His dignity is crowned by it - His joy unites with it - His glory exalted it - His appearance manifested it - His repose received it - His love embodied it - His faith embraced it.

Counting of the Omer - Day 13

from The Gospel of Truth:
This is acquaintance with the living book, whereby at the end He has manifested the eternal-ones as the alphabet of His revelation. These are not vowels nor are they consonants, such that someone might read them and think of emptiness, but rather they are the true alphabet by which those who recognize it are themselves expressed. Each letter is a perfect thought, each letter is a complete book written in the alphabet of unity by the Father, who inscribes the eternal-ones so that thru His alphabet they might recognize the Father.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 12

from The Gospel of Truth:

He has brought many back from confusion. He went before them into the spaces thru which their hears had migrated in going astray, due to the depth of Him who encompasses all dimensions with Himself being encompassed. It is a great wonder that they were within the Father without recognizing Him, and that they were able to depart unto themselves because they could neither comprehend nor recognize Him in whom they were. For thus His volition had not yet emerged from within Himself. For He revealed Himself so that all His emanations would reunite with Him in recognition.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 11

from The Gospel of Truth:

Thus someone with acquaintance is from above. When he is called he hears and heeds and returns to Him who called, ascending unto Him. And he discovers who it is that calls him. In recognition he does the volition of Him who called. He desires to please Him, and granted repose he receives the Name of the One. He who recognizes thus discovers from whence he has come and whither he is going. He understands like someone who was intoxicated and who has shaken off his drunkenness and returned to himself, to set upright those things which are his own.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 10

From the Gospel of Truth:

He pre-inscribed them, having prepared this gift for those who emerged from Him. Those whose names He foreknew are all called at the end. Thus someone who recognizes has his name spoken by the Father. For he whose name has not been spoken remains unacquainted. How indeed can anyone hearken whose name has not been called? For he who remains unacquainted until the end is a figment of forgetfulness and will vanish with it. Otherwise why indeed is there no name for those wretches, and why do they not heed the call?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Counting of the Omer Day 9

From the Gospel of Truth:

Because the perfection of the totality is in the Father, it is requisite that they all ascend unto Him. When someone recognizes, he receives the things that are his own and gathers them to himself. For he who is unacquainted has a lack - and what he lacks is great, since what he lacks is Him who will make him perfect. Because the perfection of the totality is in the Father, it is requisite that they all ascend unto Him. Thus each and every one receives himself.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 8

From the Gospel of Truth:

He was nailed to a crossbeam in order to publish the edict of the Father on the cross. Oh sublime teaching, such that He humbled Himself unto death while clad in eternal life! He stripped of the rags of mortality in order to don this imperishability which none has the power to take from Him. Entering into the empty spaces of the terrors, He brought forth those who had been divested by amnesia. Acting with recognition and perfection, he proclaimed what is in the heart [of the Father, in order to] make wise those who are to receive the teaching. Yet those who are instructed are the living, inscribed in this book of life, who are taught about themselves and who receive themselves from the Father in again returning to Him.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 7

This is a bit early, but it will be Sabbath soon, and I wanted to make sure to get it posted.

From the Gospel of Truth:
No one of those who trusted in salvation could have become manifest unless this book had come to the midst. This is why the merciful and faithful one - Y'hshuwah! - patiently endured the sufferings in order to take this book, since He knew that His death is life for many. Just as the fortune of the deceased master of the estate remains secret until His bequest is opened, so also the totality remained hidden so long as the Father of the totality was invisible - this one thru whom all dimensions originate. This is why Y'hshuwah appeared, clothed in that book.

Counting of the Omer - Day 6

From the Gospel of Truth

Thus He became a reposeful and leisurely guide in the place of Instruction. The Logos came to the midst and spoke as their appointed teacher. There approached those who considered themselves wise, putting Him to the test - yet He shamed them in their vanity. They hated Him because they were not truly wise. Then after them all there also approached the little children, those who are acquainted with the Father. having been confirmed, they learned of the face-forms of the Father. They recognized, they were recognized; they were glorified, they glorified. Revealed in their heart was the living book of life, this which is inscribed in the thought and mind of the Father and which has been within His incomprehensibility since before the foundation of the totality. No one can take this (book) away, because it was appointed for Him who would take it and be slain.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 5

Quoting The Gospel of Truth

Therefore confusion was enraged at Him and pursued Him in order to suppress and eliminate Him. He was nailed to a crossbeam, He became the fruit of recognizing the Father. Yet it did not cause those who consumed it to perish, but rather to those who consumed it He bestowed a rejoicing at such a discovery. For He found them in Himself and they found Him in themselves - The Inconceivable Incomprehensible, the Father, this perfect - One who created the totality, within whom the totality exists and of whom the totality has need. For He had withheld within Himself their perfection, which He had not yet conferred upon them all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Counting of the Omer - Day 4

From the Gospel of Truth:

This is the Gospel of Him who is sought, which He has revealed to those perfected through the mercies of the Father as the secret mystery: He enlightened those who were in darkness because of forgetfulness. He illumined them. He gave them a path, and that path is the truth which He proclaimed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 3

From the Gospel of Truth:

The amnesia of confusion was not made as a revelation, it is not the handiwork of the Father. Forgetfulness does not occur under His directive, although it does happen because of Him. But rather what exists within Him is acquaintanceship - this being revealed so that forgetfulness might dissolve and the Father be recognized. Since amnesia occurred because the Father was not recognized, thereafter when the Father is recognized there will me no more forgetting.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Omer Day 2

From The Gospel of Truth

Wherefore confusion grew strong, contriving its matter in emptiness and unacquaintance with the truth, preparing to substitute a potent and alluring fabrication for truthfulness. But this was no humiliation for Him, the Inconceivable Incomprehensible. For the anxiety and the amnesia and the deceitful fabrication were nothing - whereas the established truth is immutable, imperturbable and of unadornable beauty. Therefore despise confusion! It has no roots and was in a fog concerning the Father, preparing labors and amnesia and fear in order thereby to entice those of the transition to take them captive.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 1

I'll be posting a different portion of The Gospel of Truth through out the next seven weeks. I find this writing quite fascinating and thought others might be blessed by it as well.

The Gospel of Truth is joy for those who have received from the Father of truth the gift of "recognizing" Him through the power of the Meaning who comes forth from the fullness which is in the thought and mind of the Father. This is He who is called the Savior, that being the Name of the task which He is to do for the atonement of those who had been unacquainted with the Name of the Father.
Now, the Gospel is the revelation of the hopeful, it is the finding of themselves by those who seek Him. For since the totality were searching for Him from whom then came forth-and the totality were within Him, the Inconceivable Incomprehensible, He who exists beyond all thought - hence unacquaintance with the Father caused anxiety and fear. Then the anxiety condensed like a fog so that no one could see.