Sunday, May 27, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 50

from The Gospel of Truth:

Wherefore let the remainder understand in their places that it is not appropriate for me, having been in the realm of repose, to say anything further. But it is within his heart that I shall be forever devoted to the Father of the totality, together with those true Brothers and Sisters upon whom pours the love of the Father and among whom there is no lack of Him. These are they who are genuinely manifest, being in the true and eternal life and speaking the perfect light which is filled with the seed of the Father, and who are in his heart and in the fullness and in whom his Spirit rejoices, glorifying Him in whom they exist. He is good, and His Sons and Daughters are perfect and worthy of His Name. For it is children of this kind that He the Father desires.

Counting of the Omer - Day 49

from The Gospel of Truth:

The Father is within them and they are within the Father, perfected and made indivisible in the truly good, not inadequate in anything but rather given repose and refreshed in the Spirit. And they shall obey their source in leisure, these within whom his roof is found and who harm no soul This is the place of the blest, this is their place!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 48

from The Gospel of Truth:

This is the manner of those who themselves belong hon high thru the grandeur of the immeasurable, as they await the Unique and Perfect-One who makes Himself there for them. And they do not descend unto the abode of the dead. They have neither jealousy nor lamentation or mortality there among them, bu rather they repose within Him who is reposeful. They are neither troubled nor devious concerning the truth, but rather they themselves are the truth.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 47

from The Gospel of Truth:

Thus all the emanations of the Father are plentitudes, and the source of all his emanations is within the heart of Him from whom they all flourish. He bestowed their destinies upon them. Thus is each one made manifest, such that thru their own meditation they [return to] he place to which they direct their thought. That place is their source, which lifts them thru all the heights of heaven unto the Father. They attain unto His head which becomes their repose. And they are embraced as they approach Him, so that they say that they have partaken of His face in embraces. Yet they are not thus made manifest by exalting themselves. They neither lack the glory of the Father, nor do they think of Him as being trite or bitter or wrathful. But rather He is benevolent, imperturbable and kind - knowing all the dimensionalities before they come into existence, and having no need of edification.

Counting of the Omer - Day 46

from The Gospel of Truth:

(The Son) expressed His secret, knowing that the Father is benevolent. This is exactly why (the Father) brought this-one forth - so that He might speak of the dominion and His place of repose from which He came, and render glory to the fullness, the majesty of His Name, and the kindness of the Father. He shall speak of the realm from which each one came - and each one who issued from that place shall thus be hastened to return unto it again, to share in receiving his substance in the place where he stood, receiving the taste of that place, receiving nourishment and growth. And his own dominion of repose is his fullness.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 45

from The Gospel of Truth:

Firstly, therefore, it is appropriate that we think on this topic: what is the Name? Truly (the Son) is the Name - thus also He is the Name from the Father. He is the existent Name of the LORD. Thus He did not receive the Name on loan as do others, according to the pattern of each individual who is to be crated in his heart. For He is the Lordly Name. There is no one else who bestowed it upon Him, but He was unnameable and it was ineffable until the time when He who is Perfect gave expression to (the Son) alone. And it is (the Son) who has the power to express His Name and to see Him. Thus it please (the Father) in His heart that His desired Name be His Son, and He gave the Name to Him - This-One who came forth from the profundity.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 44

from The Gospel of Truth:

The Son is His Name. He did not keep Him hidden as a secret - but rather the Son came to be,and (the Father) alone named Him. Thus the Name belongs to the Father, such that the Name of the Father is the son. How otherwise would compassion find a name, except fro the Father? For after all, anyone will say to his companion: 'Whatever could give a name to someone who existed before him?' - as if children do not thus receive their names thru those who gave them birth.

Counting of the Omer - Day 43

from The Gospel of Truth:

the Name is not mere verbiage, nor is it only terminology, but rather it is transcendental. He alone named Him, He alone seeing Him, He alone having the power to give Him a Name. Whoever does not exist has no Name - for what names are given to nothings? But this existing -one exists together with His Name. And the Father alone knows Him, and He alone names Him.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 42 (after sunset)

from The Gospel of Truth:

For indeed the Name of the Father is not spoken, yet rather it is manifested as a Son. Accordingly, great is the name! Who therefore could proclaim a Name for Him, the supreme Name, except Him alone whose Name this is, together with the Sons of the Name? - those in whose heart the Name of the Father reposes and who themselves likewise repose in His Name. Because the Father is immutable, it is He alone who begot Him as His own Name before He fashioned the eternal-ones, so that the Name of the Father would be Lord over their heads - this-one who is truly the Name, secure in His command of perfect power.

Counting of the Omer - Day 41

from The Gospel of Truth:

Now the Name of the Father is the Son. He first named Him who came forth from Himself, and who is Himself. And He begot Him as a Son. He bestowed His own Name upon Him. It is the Father who from His heart possesses all things. He has the Name, He has the Son who can be seen. Yet His Name is transcendental - for It alone is the mystery of the invisible, which thru Him comes to ears completely filled with it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 40

from The Gospel of Truth:

Now the volition of the Father is that which reposes in his heart and pleases him. Nothing exists without Him, nor does anything occur without the volition of the Father. But His volition is unfathomable. His volition is His imprint and no one can determine it nor anticipate it in order to control it. But whenever He wills, what He wills exists - even if the sight does not please them. They are nothing before the face of G-d and the volition of the Father. For He knows the beginning and the ending of them all - at their finish He shall question them face-to-face. Yet the finish is to receive acquaintance with This-One who was hidden. Now this is the Father - this-one from whom the beginning came forth, this-one to whom all these shall return who came forth from Him. Yet they have been manifest for the glory and joy of His Name.

Counting of the Omer - Day 39

from The Gospel of Truth:

He is good. He knows His seedlings, for it is He who planted them in His paradise. Now His paradise is His realm of repose. This is the perfection in the thought of the Father, and these are the logoi of His meditation. Each one of His logoi is the products of His unitary volition in the revelation of His meaning. While they were still in the depths of His thought, the Logos was the first to come forth. Furthermore He revealed them from a mind that expresses the unique Logos in the silent grace called thought, since they existed therein prior to becoming manifest. So it occurred that (the Logos) was the first to come forth, at the time when it pleased the will of Him who intended it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 38

from The Gospel of Truth:

For jars which are full are those which are sealed. Yet when its sealant is destroyed, a jar leaks. And the cause of its being emptied is the absence of its sealant, for then something in the dynamics of the air evaporates it. But nothing is emptied if the sealant has not be removed, nor does anything leak away, but rather the perfect Father replenishes whatever is lacking.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 37

from The Gospel of Truth:

(The Father) gave of Himself to replenish whomever lacks, in order that thereby he may receive grace. In the time of his deficiency he had no grace. Thus wherever grace is absent, there is inferiority. At the time when he received this smallness which he lacked, (then the Father) revealed to him a fullness, which is this finding of the light of truth that dawned upon him in unchangeability. This is why the [Messiah] was invoked in their midst - so that they would receive their returning. He anoints with the Chrism those who have been troubled. The anointing is the compassion of the Father who will have mercy upon them. Yet those whom He has anointed are those who are perfected.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 36

from The Gospel of Truth:

This is why imperishability breathed forth-to seek after the transgressor so that he might have repose. For to forgive is to remain behind with the light, the Logos of the fullness, in the deficiency. Thus the physician hastens to the place where there is illness, for this is his heart's desire. But he who has a lack cannot hide it from him who possesses what he needs. Thus the fullness, which has no deficiency, replenishes the lack.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 35 (after sunset)

from The Gospel of Truth:

The deficiency of matter did not originate thru the infinity of the Father, who came in the time of inadequacy - although no one could predict that the indestructible would arrive in this manner. But the profundity of the Father abounded, and the thought of confusion was not with Him. It is a topic for falling prostrate, it is a reposeful topic - to be set upright on one's feet, in being found by This-One who came to bring him back. For the return is called: Metanoia.

Counting of the Omer - Day 34

from The Gospel of Truth

Thus He draws into harbor His original fragrance which had grown cold, unto the place from which it came. It was something which in psychic form had become like cold water permeating loose soil, such that those who see it think it to be dirt. Then afterward, when a warm and fragrant breeze blows, it again evaporates. Thus coldness results from separation. This is why the Faithful-One came - to abolish division and bring the warm fullness of love, sot hat the cold would not return but rather there should be the unification of perfect thought. This is the Logos of the Gospel of the finding of the fullness by those who await the salvation which comes from oh high. Prolonged is the hope of those who await - those whose likeness is the light which contains no shadow - at that time when the fullness finally comes.

Counting of the Omer - Day 33

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from The Gospel of Truth

The Sons of the Father are His fragrance, for they are from the grace of His face. Therefore the Father loves His fragrance and manifests it everywhere. And blending it with matter, He bestows His fragrance upon the light, and in His repose He exalts it over every likeness and every sound. For it is not the ears that inhale the fragrance, but rather the breath has the sense of smell and draws it to oneself - and thus is someone baptized in the fragrance of the Father.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 32

from The Gospel of Truth:

For someone who violates the Torah harms himself more than the judgment harms him. For he does his deeds illicitly, whereas he who is righteous does his deeds for the sake of others. Do therefore the volition of the Father, because you are from Him. For the Father is kind, and things are good thru His volition. He has taken cognizance of whatever is yours, so that you may repose yourselves concerning such things - for in their fruition it is recognized whose they are.

Counting of the Omer - Day 31

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from The Gospel of Truth:

Thus strength grows in action. Give heed to yourselves - be not concerned with those other things which you have already cast out of yourselves. Do not return to what you have regurgitated, by not moth-eaten, be not worm-eaten - for you have already cast that out. Do not become a place for the Devil, for you have already eliminated him. Do not reinforce those things that made you stumble and fall. Thus is uprightness!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 30

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from The Gospel of Truth:

Even on the Sabbath he labored for the sheep which he found fallen into the pit. He restored the sheep to life, bringing it up form the pit, so that you Sons of heart-understanding may discern this Sabbath on which the work of salvation must never cease, and so that you may speak from this day which is above, which has no night and from the perfect light which never sets.
Speak therefore from your hearts, for you are this perfect day and within you dwells this abiding light. Speak of the truth with those who seek it, and of acquaintanceship unto those who in confusion have transgressed. Support those who stumble, reach out your hand to the sick, feed those who are hungry, give repose to the weary, uplift those who yearn to arise, awaken those who sleep - for you are the wisdom the rescues!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 29

from The Gospel of Truth:
He is the shepherd who left behind the 99 sheep that were not lost, in order to go searching for this - one which had strayed. And he rejoiced when he found it. For 99 is a number that is counted on the left hand, which tallies it. But when 1 is added, the entire sum passes to the right hand. So it is with him who lacks the One, which is the entire right hand - he takes from the left what is deficient in order to transfer it to the right, and thus the number becomes 100. Now, the signification with these words is the Father.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 28 (after sundown)

from The Gospel of Truth:
He became a path for those who had strayed: acquaintance for the unaware: discovery for those who seek: stability for the wavering: and immaculate purity for those who were defiled.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 27

from The Gospel of Truth:
Light spoke thru His mouth and His voice gave birth to life. He gave to them them thought of wisdom, of mercy, of salvation, of the Spirit of power, from the infinity and the kindness of the Father. He abolished punishment and torment, for these caused some who had need of mercy to go astray from His face in confusion and bondage. And with power He pardoned them, and He humbled them in acquaintanceship.

Counting of the Omer - Day 26

from The Gospel of Truth:

When He appeared, telling them about the Incomprehensible Father, He breathed into them what is the thought of doing His volition. Many received the light and returned to Him. but the materialists were alien and did not behold His likeness nor recognize Him, although He came forth 'incarnate' in form. Nothing obstructs His course - for imperishability is indomitable. Moreover He proclaimed beforehand that which as new, expressing what is in the heart of the Father and bringing forth the flawless Logos.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Counting of the Omer - Day 25

from The Gospel of Truth:

How good for the person who returns to himself and awakens, and blest is he whose blind eyes have been opened! And the Spirit ran after him, resurrecting him swiftly. Extending her hand to him who was prostrate on the ground, she lifted him up on his feet who had not yet arisen. Now the recognition which gives understanding is thru the Father and the revelation of His Son. Once they have seen Him and heard Him, He grands them to taste and to smell and to touch the beloved Son.

Counting of the Omer - Day 24

from The Gospel of Truth

Then the moment comes when those who have endured all this awaken, no longer to see all those troubles - for they are naught. Such is the way of those who have cast off ignorance like sleep and consider it to be nothing, neither considering its various events as real, but rather leaving it behind like a dream of the night. Recognizing the Father brings the dawn! This is what each one has done, sleeping in the time when he was unacquainted. And this is how, thus awakened, he comes to recognition.